More Grizzly Bear Amazingness...


I finally uploaded my shots from the show at the Crystal Ballroom, and I really just want to go back. The combination of how great they sounded and the lighting and the venue was really just perfection. It was a special show.

With this I will give you my favorite Grizzly Bear songs (as of now). They have really become my go-to band lately. I just can't seem to get enough.

In no particular order:

On a Neck, On a Spit --- Yellow House
Two Weeks --- Veckatimest
Little Brother --- both versions
While You Wait for the Others --- Veckatimest
Fix It --- Horn of Plenty
Shift (Alternate Version) --- Friend EP
Knife --- Yellow House
Southern Point --- Veckatimest
Colorado --- Yellow House

Ok, now go listen. :)

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Where The Wild Things Are


I saw Where The Wild Things are in Portland this weekend with my mom, and it was so wonderful. If anything is a work of art as a film, this is definitely it. Beautiful story, too. Found this on randomly and thought it said things perfectly:

"I can’t recall seeing a more powerfully rendered artistic vision of the pain, joy, anger, desire, insecurity, impulsiveness and overall restlessness of childhood." -David Disalvo

I just downloaded the amazing score for the film by Karen O and The Kids. It's really, really great. Kind of a perfect interpretation of the above quote. Raw and powerful, and fun.

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