I want to be Cat Power.


I went to the Cat Power concert here at the McDonald Theatre on Saturday, and good lord this woman is talented! I have been to my fair share of concerts, but she just might take the cake. We were right near the front and she sang right on the edge of the stage and she was absolutely mesmerizing. There are no words, really. 
Her voice is quite simply indescribable, but we decided that SULTRY was the perfect word to describe her. She is mysteriously gorgeous and quirky. I am kind of still reeling from how good it was. We are all even more obsessed now. Haha.
She played some great songs, but I think "New York," "Ramblin' (Wo)man," "Metal Heart," and "Song to Bobby" were my favorite. She is a passionate performer. Wow. I think she has had a pretty crazy life, too. Amazing.

A video of her playing "Song to Bobby" live, which she wrote about Bob Dylan: 

Playing "New York" live at a show:

An interview: 

Pretty amazing. Enough said.
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