Grizzly Bear <3

Grizzly Bear
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Rachel and I went to see Grizzly Bear at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland last week, and it was one of the best shows I've probably ever been to. I saw them at Sasquatch in May, but their album Veckatimest had literally come out that day. Now that I have been playing that album nonstop for months, it was pretty great to see it at one of the best venues in Portland.

The lighting at this show was one of the best concert set designs I have ever seen. It was SO genius. I couldn't really get any good pictures, so I'm really glad that McMenamin's put some up on Flickr. I took a little video of the lighting action and will post that later. :)

The best part was that the lights in the jars coordinated with every song. Especially at the Crystal, it was so atmospheric and beautiful. Perhaps I will investigate youtube for a video example.

They are BRILLIANT. The end.