Grammys, etc.

I watched the Grammy awards with my roomie Jenna last night. The performances were surprisingly entertaining, but most of the awards did not go to my favorites. C'est la vie. 

The fact that an obviously intoxicated Amy Winehouse won five awards is distressing, to say the least. It is disrespectful to place her above artists who actually take their careers seriously. I'm sorry, but drugs or no drugs, she should not have beat out Feist for best new artist. Feist is not a new artist either, so evidently whoever gives out the Grammys does not do a lot of research. 

Kanye West's performance with Daft Punk was a highlight of the show. His tribute to his mother was also quite stunning.

Kanye's outfit was quite possibly the greatest thing I have seen in a while.

In other news, I now have three papers due on wednesday and one midterm. Yikes! I am going back to Portland on thursday so I can interview all kinds of people about hybrid cars. This promises to be an interesting week. 

Here is some Kanye and Daft Punk: