Fun Cameras

Two items that I am lusting after right now: Fisheye camera (in bright yellow! Who could resist?) and the Diana+ camera. 

My friend Barrett recently got a fisheye camera and ended up with some really cool results. There is something fun about non-digital photography. The anticipation of actually having to wait and see what turns out is the best part. 

Plus, the images from these cameras have a sort of polaroid-ish, flawed but really cool, look. 

Neither is very expensive, but I don't exactly have extra money for fun cameras at the moment. Maybe I will end up with one soon.

I feel like I am getting tired of digital photography right now. I need something more fun to inspire me. These ought to do the trick!


  • I got the diana+ and then realized that it is a 120mm, which means you basically can't get the film developed unless you want to pay a lot of $$ or develop it yourself. So I sent it back.
    Get the fisheye! It's 35mm.